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Meet the Farmers at Horse Hill Flowers

We're a mother and daughter team of entrepreneurs with a love for flowers and the farmstead lifestyle! We bring different talents to the team — Lynn brings decades of gardening experience and Janelle has an eye for arranging and story-telling.

Our little farm is home to a flock of Katahdin sheep, a sassy donkey named Cece, a duck named "Duck" and some overly friendly cows!

Digital Mini Portrait_Janelle_Mom_01.jpg


Lead Gardener

Favourite Flower: Zinnias

Favourite Season: Summer



Floral Design

Favourite Flower: Sweet Peas

Favourite Season: Spring



Quality Control

Favourite Flower: Marigolds

Favourite Season: Winter

Pink Barbie inspired Barbie bouquet with dahlias, zinnias, Asters and statice.
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