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What Is a Flower Farm?

A flower farm is literally what it sounds like – a farm where flowers are grown!

Flower farmers are typically known as farmer-florists. Depending on their growing zone, flower farms can grow many varieties of cut flowers popular for florists, market bouquets and dried flower arrangements. Some flower farms are also open for U-Pick events making the farm a fun local attraction to visit. Farmers sell and market flowers directly to consumers and/or partner with floral designers, grocers and event companies.

Flower farmer holds light and dark purple delphinium flowers inside a greenhouse

An Introduction to Our Flower Farm

In 2021 we broke ground on our dream flower farm, Horse Hill Flowers. We're a mother and daughter team that wanted to cultivate a deeper more meaningful relationship with our rural property just north of Edmonton Alberta. Instead of simply living there, we wanted to build a business we could be proud of and grow what we love.

Our Edmonton flower farm grows cut flowers that thrive in Zone 3 conditions. A few of our favourite varieties of cut flowers are heirloom dahlias, sweet peas, sunflowers and fancy tulips. We're picky about what we grow, ensuring that flowers grown on our farm aren't invasive and won't wreck havoc on the local flora and fauna. Even though it takes longer to get things done, we value farming practices that protect the environment. Slow is safe.

Meet Our Farmer-Florists

One does not simply become a Flower Farmer overnight. There is some backstory here! Lynn and Janelle are the mother/daughter duo behind Horse Hill Flowers.

Lynn recently retired from a decades long career as a registered nurse. She's always had a green thumb and a love for gardening both vegetables and flowers. After visiting Farm Fresh Florals in 2020, Lynn knew her retirement days wouldn't be a retirement at all, she'd be starting her own dream flower farm. She's thrilled to be a small scale farmer.

A few of Lynn's Favourite Things:

- waking up at the break

- early morning coffee with her cats

- her duck named Duck

- vacations in warm places

- garden zinnias

- long walks at any time of year

With a background in wedding photography and event planning, Janelle is the person behind the Horse Hill Flowers website, social media pages and will be your U-Pick event host. Janelle helps Lynn with flower cutting, bouquet arranging and weekly deliveries as well as continuing to work as a wedding photographer. Busy times!

A few of Janelle's Favourite Things:

- her herd of Katahdin sheep

- Cece the donkey

- amazing Thai food

- comfy jean jackets

- Icelandic poppies

- salt and vinegar chips

What We Offer at Horse Hill Flowers

Our growing season is short, which means we pack a ton of hard work into the time we have! During our July - September growing season, here is what you can expect from us at Horse Hill Flowers:

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With Love Always,

Janelle & Lynn


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